Leland Sklar Signature - Gibson Custom Shop - For Sale
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Thursday, 17 April , 2014

Leland Sklar Signature - Gibson Custom Shop - For Sale

Rare limited edition bass guitar
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Once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase an excellent bass guitar

Gibson bass for sale - SOLD, sorry


Gibson Custom Shop, Leland Sklar Signature, bass guitar Unique opportunity.
This Limited Edition, Gibson Custom Shop , Leland Sklar Signature bass guitar is a real gem both for it's sound quality and it's playability.
Being one of only one hundred examples, this is a rare opportunity to become the proud owner of a unique bass guitar.
Leland Sklar Signature
Designed by Leland Sklar , renown bass guitarist, laterly with Phil Collins after being James Taylor's preffered bassist for many years, this instrument has an extremely fast, easy action and a very clear tone.
Thanks to the active EMG pickups, the sound is also perfectly controllable.
The contoured light body on this bass makes it very comfortable to play for long periods of time.
Gibson Custom Shop quality
In virtually perfect condition, this bass guitar is as it came from the Gibson factory. The high quality workmanship really shows through in this perfectly crafted instrument.
Offset double cutaway maple body, bolt-on maple neck, 34" scale, 21 fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlay, fixed bridge, 4 on a side tuners, matt hardware, 2 P-style EMG split-coil pickups, volume/blend/tone controls, TriBurst (TBI) finish. Mfr. 1998.
Sound quality
The sound is clean and dry. Not being a bass guitarist, I cannot give too much information here, except that from open string to top of the fret board the notes sound clear as a bell. Playing with the two volume and one tone control brings out the fingering sounds or a nice full round bass sound, depending on settings.
This bass is very responsive, with a light touch to bring out the fine details of a note or a serious pluck to make you jump out of your skin!
This is the first time I have seen this kind of device and I am amazed at it's effectiveness.
At the flick of a lever, connected to the 'E' string machine head, you are able to drop the tuning of this string by a whole tone. Believe me, it is accurate!
Genuine reason for sale
So why would someone want to sell an instrument of this quality? Well, the owner has ordered a custom built bass guitar from Sadowsky, New York, which is going to cost a lot of money. Hence the need to cut down on his bass guitar collection (he does have rather a lot of them).
Sensible purchase offers invited
If you are interested in purchasing this excellent bass guitar, complete with Gibson hard case, offers are invited in the region of 3,000 Euros.
The purchaser will be expected to pay for shipping, insurance, etc.

Gibson bass for sale - SOLD, sorry

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Front of body Rear of body Headstock Rear of headstock Gibson DTuner
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