Costa Blanca bus and train timetables
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Friday, 18 April , 2014

Valencia to Alicante bus and train timetables

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About the bus and train services on the Costa Blanca


Having used these bus and train services, I can say that they are generally of a high quality and very reasonable price. Obviously they can occasionally be subject to delays and cancellations (rarely because of snow!) but the staff are usually polite and patient.

Costa Blanca bus

Buses on the Costa Blanca have main terminals at Alicante and Valencia. The bus company entrusted to supply these services is named 'ALSA', the largest transport network in Spain. You may book your tickets online or pay the driver when you board the bus (it helps if you have correct change).
If you are headed to Alicante or Valencia it can be worth your while to get your bus from the Denia bus terminal, where you can choose a more direct bus with less intermediate stops.

Costa Blanca bus timetable

You can get the current times and routes of the provincial bus service (in English) at this web site:

The Citrus Express train

The Citrus Express is a branch of the Alicante train service supplied by Tram Alicante. It runs from Denia, in the north, to Alicante, in the south. It is an interesting trip taking you through the local countryside you wouldn't normally see from the road.
From the Alicante terminal you can get trains to other areas of Alicante Province.

Costa Blanca train timetable

You can get the current times and routes of the Alicante provincial train service (in English) at this web site:
Valencia commuter train

The Valencia commuter train service begins at Gandia. For day trips, most of my friends drive to Xeraco and use the free parking facility there.

Valencia province commuter train timetable

You can get the current times and routes of the Valencia province commuter train service (in English) here:

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